Meet our Donors

We thank all our donors for their generous support. Here is one of their stories about planned giving.

Picture reproduced by kind permission
of the Rector and Fellows of Lincoln College, Oxford.

Donald ‘Jock’ Mackay, Lincoln College, 1944
Lincoln College alumnus Donald ‘Jock’ Mackay (1944) has the distinction of being the first individual to create a charitable remainder trust (CRT) through Oxford Planned Giving. He says, “They offer the best value for money. By generating a steady annual income, a CRT helps diminish one’s own concerns for living costs and frees one to make a gift sizeable enough to be of significance to the College.” Jock has been a long-time supporter of Lincoln College, making regular employer-matched annual gifts through the generosity of his former employer.
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Jarvis Doctorow, St Edmund Hall, 1948
Jarvis Doctorow and his wife Connie have always been generous donors. With the help of Oxford University’s New York-based planned giving expert, Mr Doctorow recently set up a charitable remainder trust to benefit his children and his old college, St Edmund Hall, providing cash for a new lecture hall and endowing a fellowship in International Relations.
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Captain D L McGurk, Christ Church, 1949
Throughout his life Dan McGurk retained fond memories of his time in Oxford and his interest in The House. His concerns for its future, as well as his knowledge of tax-advantageous giving, led him to create a charitable remainder trust with the help of his own financial and investment advisors. Although Oxford Planned Giving's financial partner is ready and able to assist alumni and friends who wish to explore such options, gifts arranged by donors solely with the assistance of their own experts are, of course, equally welcome.
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