Planned Giving at Oxford University

Welcome to the planned giving Web site of Oxford University. Planned gifts can benefit Oxford University while helping you to save taxes, increase your income and pass more on to your heirs.

Did you know that...

  • You can receive income for life in exchange for a gift?
  • Giving appreciated property, like stocks or real estate, costs less than giving the equivalent amount in cash?
  • Some assets can benefit you more if you give them away?
  • Some gifts cost nothing now, but leave a legacy later?
  • Some gifts allow you to pass more on to your heirs and save taxes?

If you are just beginning to explore your options, try our easy-to-use, interactive Plan-a-Gift ® feature. With a few clicks you can choose the best gift plans for your individual needs and learn more about their benefits.

If you already know what gift plan you would like to explore, just highlight
"Gift Plans" on the menu. If you want to receive a detailed illustration of the tax, income, and other benefits of a particular gift plan, just click the “Next” button at the bottom of the gift description or go to "Personal Illustration" on the menu.

If you would like to receive personalized assistance with your planning, just click on Personal Illustration and submit the confidential form. We’ll send you a detailed illustration that is tailored to your individual needs, with several options for you and your advisors to consider.

There are many other helpful resources on this site. Please feel free to visit whenever you need information about planned giving, and feel free to contact us at any time!
We are here to help.

David D. Stiles
Director of Planned Giving